Your house – our Meisterwerk

German construction quality and service down to the last detail


German construction quality and service down to the last detail

We accompany you on request, from the inspection to the handover of the keys.

As a German construction company in the Algarve, we attach great importance to high quality

Construction work and individual architecture.

This applies to new buildings as well as to the renovation of existing properties.


So every house becomes a masterpiece.


New building


Are you interested in building a new home in the Algarve- based on your very own design ideas?


Our realtors find the right property for you, our architects plan and we build your master house.



House renovation


House renovations are our core business. You benefit from many years of experience and a portfolio of creative ideas. We only process durable materials in the best quality and can thus fulfill your expectations and needs in the long term.



Invest - property


Get an overview which type of property is the one for you.

Are you interested in an apartment with a view, a house with a lot of space or do you want to fulfill your dream of a small B&B hotel?



Invest with other partners from 50,000 € participation shares


Fantastic property in Carvoeiro-Caramujeira.

V4, 200 sqm living space, 4,200 sqm property, remodeling according to your personal wishes 970,000 €

We build your home in the Algarve


With more than 70 properties in the recent years in the Algarve,

we are your reliable partner for any construction project in German quality.


We offer the perfect unity of real estate, architecture, house construction and construction management.


Make your dreams come true and realise your own home in the Algarve.


...stonework becomes Algarve-Bau...


After the first few years in the Algarve and the incredibly positive experiences with customers,

suppliers and employees as well as the fact that we have 90% German-speaking customers,

the time has come to reposition ourselves and drop our English company name.


The new name reflects the idea of uniting this wonderful region and German building quality.  


Welcome to ALGARVE-BAU 

Dirk Sill