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The Microcrete® application is a highly resistant waterproof coating, suitable for floors, walls, ceramics, natural stone, bathrooms and furniture with a unique and handcrafted finish, suitable for indoor and partially outdoor use. It is very resistant to water, grease and oil and can be applied quickly by hand, without noise or dirt. With Microcrete® we can turn any surface into a non-slip surface. Depending on the type of microcement and texture, we get more or less slip resistance.


Microcrete® is also an ideal coating for complete wet room solutions that cover walls, floors and ceilings as well as bathtubs and washbasins if required, and offers a wide range of decorative options.


The thickness of Microcrete® varies between 2 and 3 mm, ideal for covering concrete, cement, tiles, plaster, metal, plastic, marble and ceramics. The flexibility of Microcrete® has the great advantage that no existing floor or wall has to be removed.


Microcrete® offers a wide range of colors and surfaces to suit all tastes. We have a team of specialized professional applicators available in every part of the Algarve to meet the needs of our customers.


Ideal for renovation projects and minimalistic decoration, Microcrete® is a flexible material of high quality that can enhance any room and make it more modern and distinctive.