Your house – our Meisterwerk

New building


In close cooperation with our team of architects, we create your dream home in the Algarve.


With a professional team of sub-contractors and our own highly qualified employees, we take over all trades from the groundbreaking to the handover of the keys, according to Portuguese guidelines and German standards.

We take over the construction management right from the beginning and ensure that everything runs smoothly on time.


After creating the prescribed Portuguese concrete structure, we create the completion of all trades according to German standards. We are happy to offer you assistance or take over the selection of the materials, so that a good feeling develops from the start and we can create your beautiful new home together.


You have not yet found a property that matches your ideas and wishes?


Our team of selected trustworthy real estate agents will find the ideal building plot or a renovation project with a lot of personal charm. Realize your dream of owning your own home in the Algarve.

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