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Dirk Sill




From apprentice to entrepreneur


Over 1,800 construction projects in Germany

Over 70 construction projects in the Algarve


Over 13 million built-in sales


From renovation to new construction



Developed from three decades of craftsmanship experience in Germany, we presented our company "stonework" for the first time at the consumer fair "BLIP" 2018 in Portimao.

The fair was an immediate success, as reliable German construction quality is greatly asked in the Algarve.


The fair was an immediate success, as reliable German construction quality is greatly asked in the Algarve.

From the very beginning, we had great customers who were enthusiastic about the professional way we worked.

Starting with the first consultation, to an transparent offer, organized construction site planning, daily punctual work and a high-quality completion of the ordered work.

In the second year customers became friends. We found new German-speaking employees who live the virtues of German craftsmanship and enrich our company. Local suppliers feel honored to work with a German company, and interested parties have become investors.



- As an entrepreneur, you can't ask for more -



Back in 2020, the idea arose to reposition the company, adapt it to the market situation in the Algarve and bring the four most important pillars of the construction industry together:


Interested parties - real estate - architecture – building


Over the past years in the Algarve we got to know enthusiastic people and companies,

so that we are now able to tackle these new tasks responsibly and are now looking forward to becoming your project partner.

The 10 most important reasons why you should choose us!


  • Our enthusiasm for the daily work ...bringing old houses back to life !

  • We help our customers to permanently solve the problems in their house

  • We advise professionally, competently and honestly

  • On schedule and on time

  • We distinguish ourselves through a positive, motivated, committed and clean way of working

  • We work according to the high German construction standards and with high-quality products

  • We are always up to date with the latest technology and we hold advanced training courses regularly

  • Competent professional experience from 30 years of self-employment

  • Long-term guarantee on all of our work

  • Complete service: architect, structural engineer, lawyer / notary, sales and property management

Our partners and employees

Dirk Sill

Managing Director

Project management

Organization team

Jose Pereira



Helder Mata

Real estate & sales



Ferragudo - Carvoeiro

Natalie Estevao

Real estate & sales


Vilamoura - Loule

Mike da Silva

Real estate & sales


Lagos - Aljezur

Patricia Martins


Hugo Renda

Construction engineer – Architect

Construction team

Katharina Scholmeyer

Construction management




Bricklayer / concrete work

Plasterer / micro cement





Bricklayer / concrete work

Plasterer / micro cement





Bricklayer / concrete work

Plasterer / micro cement





Tiler / electro





Construction workers